Getting Started

Requirements for all courses:

  1. All students must have an interview with the Admissions Office.
  2. All students must submit proof of age*. This can be a current driver’s license, state issued photo identification or official birth certificate.
  3. All students must submit proof of education*. Students must possess a valid High School Diploma, GED or a home study certificate or transcript from a home study program that is equivalent to high school level and is recognized by the state of issuance.
  4. Must submit Social Security Number and/or Alien Registration Number*
  5. For all transfer students – a official notarized hours transcript must be received and for all Student Teachers proof of completing the Cosmetology Course is required.*

* The school will accept self-certification of these required items for admissions; however students are required to submit official documentation of proof for these items within 60 days of class start. Students will be held liable for any misrepresentations and/or discrepancies of their self-certification. For students wishing to apply for Title IV Federal Financial Aid other items may need submitted.